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What is a Bohemian?
They are groups that have different priorities than the dominant cultures of their societies, groups that inspire both disdain and envy. By the mid-1800s, however, French authors such as George Sand and Honore de Balzac had already started to use the word bohemian in a very different sense.
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Its mainly Czech-speaking inhabitants were called echové in modern Czech ei. In most Western European vernaculars and Latin as Bohemi, the word Bohemian" or a derivative was used. If the Czech ethnic origin was to be stressed, combinations such as Bohemian" of Bohemian language" ech eského jazyka, a" real Bohemian" pravý ech, etc.
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Despite his views, Sterling associated with the Bohemian Club, and caroused with artist and industrialist alike at the Bohemian Grove. Canadian composer Oscar Ferdinand Telgmann and poet George Frederick Cameron wrote the song The" Bohemian" in the 1889 opera Leo, the Royal Cadet.
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History and Etymology for Bohemian. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about Bohemian. Post the Definition of Bohemian to Facebook Share the Definition of Bohemian on Twitter Time Traveler for Bohemian. The first known use of Bohemian was in 1555.
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In 1609, Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II, who made Prague again the capital of the Empire at the time, himself a Roman Catholic, was moved by the Bohemian nobility to publish Maiestas Rudolphina, which confirmed the older Confessio Bohemica of 1575.

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